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🏆🏆 Best Film and Peoples Choice at Reel Escape

I'm never more inspired than when I have the opportunity to get out of the big city and spend some time in a small Australian town. Ulladulla was worth the trip, they held their wonderful film festival in the Milton Theatre, a lovely, comfortable two story theatre with great sound and picture and the nearly capacity audience had a wonderful time watching the 10 finalists of the festival.

2 of the 10 finalists were The Skydiver & The Scarecrow and Round Trip, and watching those films with an audience that got such a kick out of them was prize enough, Danny Bolt, lead actor in Round Trip and the 1st AD for The Skydiver & The Scarecrow shared the night and accepted the award for Best Film with me for Round Trip.

By the time we arrived home, the votes had been counted and The Skydiver & The Scarecrow had won Audience Choice. What an awesome experience, I can't wait to go back for a stay.

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