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ren's film reel:

short films

Round Trip Poster A6.jpg

"Round Trip is 6 minutes of pure imagination and unadulterated fun."

- Screen Critix

"Brilliantly filmed, wickedly funny, and intelligently paced, Thackham steers with both hands on Round Trip." ★★★★

- UK Film Review

"perfectly cast, perfectly shot........a perfect 6 minutes?"

-The B Club

"This truly was a great short film. A tribute to creativity" ★★★★1/2

- Indie Red

"It's an ingenious script by Thackham that twists what you expect and gives you a quirky, thrilling and adventurous ride."

- The Independent Critic

"Thackham’s involvement in every aspect of the creative process ensures a unified vision."

- Built Report

"if all is right in our wonderful universe it’ll be amongst the conversation for the best short film of the year"


"“Round Trip” is a fantastic little piece of indie short film wonder"




"A show stopping triumph for it's combination of musical theatre and narrated cinema. Few other independent filmmakers

pull out this many stops and even fewer achieve as many grins and guffaws from their viewers.

So much of the film is thoughtfully crafted and pieced together. From the original score by Michael Klubertanz,

which was jovial and foreboding as needed, to the imaginative set pieces of the show which flowed seamlessly and

with all the vigour you would ask of a Broadway show.

Masterfully Crafted."

- UK Film Review

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