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Brainless Killers at Revelation Perth!

One of Australia's largest and most prestigious festivals, it's a showcase event, not a competition so the atmosphere is relaxed, everyone who is being screened has already won. We were lucky enough to be be screened twice at this festival and I was also invited to speak on Magnolia's Late Night Live IV, which is a fun live talkshow run by Tristan Fidler where we talked about some of the shenanigans that goes on behind the scenes of a zombie film.

Brainless Killers was the lighter film screening before a collection of dark scary horror films and at our last screening of Brainless Killers, the audience burst into applause at the end - what a great feeling. The festival was really well run over a few cinemas, we enjoyed many films they were screening and with the Perth weather giving us a drizzly rainy week, there was nothing better than spending a day watching films.

One of the best festival experiences to date! I feel very blessed to have been selected to be a part of it.

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