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🏆🏆 2 Wins at the End of Days Film Festival

The special thing about festival, is that it's our first win for Brainless Killers in America and it's wonderful feedback from demanding fans of the zombie and post apocalyptic genre.

I invited the cast and crew to watch the live feed with me (which was early Sunday morning, Sydney time) and we had a blast watching the awards roll out. (My neighbours were no doubt less thrilled about it.)

Odd Studio's amazing work on the zombies paid off yet again with another award for Best Special Effects and our lady zombie Kirsty McKenzie won Best Supporting Actress, the first of many awards in her career! We were also nominated for Best Comedy, and Steve Hughes was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Huge thanks to Festival Director Trent Duncan for including Brainless Killers in such a professionally run and exciting festival!

Here's how we reacted to the news:

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