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That's a wrap! On The Tiwi Warrior and the Samurai from the sky.

Ren's recent contract with Military Myths Defeated to write the feature length screenplay for The Tiwi Warrior and The Samurai from the Sky was a success and the producers were thrilled with the script, she joined the crew in the Northern Territory as First Assistant Director and wrapped June 2021.

Working with military historian Dr Tom Lewis OAM and the true account of Tiwi Islander Matthias Ulungura, Ren wrote the screenplay for this incredible story. Produced by Military Myths Defeated, with the support of Screen Territory for the 80th Anniversary of the bombing of Darwin.

This thought-provoking docudrama was shot by the keen eye of DOP Andrew Hyde, and Ren traveled to the Tiwi Islands and Darwin with the crew and helped craft memorable scenes of the Tiwi Islanders who captured a WWII Japanese zero pilot who became Australia's first prisoner of war.

Ren took photos during the shoot and designed a poster as a surprise and thank you gift for the producers, they loved it so much it's become the official artwork for the project.


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