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Ren Thackham's Debut Feature

ridgy didge

Coober Ridge is a little town nestled in wool country New South Wales, it's a beautiful spot and a charming place to visit, but that wasn't always the case. It used to be the stain on the underpants of Australia, riddled with crime, drugs, and dodgy characters. 


One fateful weekend a travelling church came to town and on Sunday morning Father Jeff took to the pulpit. He was rattling on about ridding the town of sinners and whatnot, when suddenly - the earth shook, the sky filled with fire, and when the townspeople walked outside, it was no joke, raining money.


The locals will tell you it was a miracle and Christ knows they prayed for one, but was it?

To answer that, we start on the Friday of that fateful weekend and follow four stories that weave together like a tapestry until they crash together on Sunday morning changing the town forever. As for whether the church had much to do with it, I’ll let you be the judge of that. But bugger me, it was biblical.

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